Sunday, February 26, 2012

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  1. Hey Rachel!
    This seems to be the only way to get in touch with you, hopefully you get it in time before you leave for the U.S.
    I'm from Mobile, AL and today I met Lyle Brown. He told me a little about you and DCF, and of course your movie. But he and I spoke about becoming an actor, long story short he recommended I speak with you!
    I know you're crazy busy but if you get a chance I would love to talk with you about it.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Best of luck in your career,

    Rusty Sarhan

  2. I am so pumped - scheduled this coming Monday to do a mini (recorded phone) interview with you, dear Rachel. This will be recorded and edited for a podcast available on iTunes and on the worldwide web. The podcast is Catholic Vitamins and we're hoping to promote OCTOBER BABY and you in our short time together. Travel well. Travel safely. Blessings. deacon tom

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Just came home from watching a preview screening of October Baby! It was fabulous! It's definitely a "must see" that I will send all my friends to see! I so appreciate the message of forgiveness that the movie portrayed. That forgiveness did not have to come through the means of a confrontation. That by Hannah simply writing the words on a piece of paper not only freed her from her anguish but also freed her birth mother from the guilt that she held onto for so many years. To know that forgiveness is a gift and that one does not have to ask for forgiveness before someone can give it. Her mother did not ask to be forgiven, but Hannah gave it anyway. Hannah truly did as the Lord would have us do. He freely forgave us and we should do so for others. I believe this movie will bring on a lot of introspection into the workings of our hearts, not only in the area of abortion but in the area of forgiveness and releasing those that have offended us.

    You did a beautiful job portraying Hannah. Her pain and emotional conflict was felt in the theatre. I applaud you for your sincerity in your acting. The emotion looked genuine. Standing ovation to you Rachel. I look forward to seeing you in future films that change the hearts of many. We need more of these types of movies out there. Movies with a message that impacts the hearts of many for the kingdom.


  4. Rachel,
    Our family recently watched October Baby and were so moved by the movie. You did an amazing job of portraying Hannah. Our daughter recently learned that she is an abortion surviver and so much of the story resonated with things she has experienced. We were all moved deeply. We are excited for others to see the movie and experience the healing and hope and forgiveness that is available in the midst of many painful experience. God Bless you as you have opportunities to share more of your passion for how every life is beautiful! Take care Barbara

  5. wow, Just got home from the movie and it was amazing. I just put on facebook that everyone must go see it. The acting was great and I loved the music. so many elements of forgiveness and healing...very refreshing for a film. So then to top it off I come home and find out you are a am I . I got in to it late in life but have a great appreciation for this generation and their approach and creativity...So, I am a fan and will follow your blog and your photography facebook page. I hope to see you in future films. Thanks for doing something that will make a difference. I am praying that a lot of teenagers see this film as I know it will make an impact. You are an awesome actress so I really hope you do more. think I said that...thanks for making a difference in the film industry!!

  6. Rachel,
    I just watched October Baby last night and it was so good. Thank you for the effort you put into the acting! Like the other commenters mentioned, I hope that millions more girls across America (and the world) watch it and are made aware that whether or not they have an earthly father/mother who loves them and 'wants' them, they have a Heavenly Father who does! I pray that God keeps you close to Himself and blesses your future career.

  7. Rachel,
    I went to see October Baby yesterday afternoon. I had been interested in seeing the movie after having watched a preview, but all the more interested when a penitent told me she was motivated to come to the Sacrament of Penance because of the movie. Wow. The movie is a gift to any who watch it. It is a profound portrayal of the liberating and creative power of forgiveness, which has its origin in the heart of God. And it also reveals the deep wound suffered by countless women who have experienced the tragedy of an abortion (a story that is never told "in the light"). What power God has given us in enabling us to say "I forgive you."

    Thank you for offering the gift of your beauty and talent to the Hand of God in creating a worthy instrument for His liberating Gospel. Remain close to Him always. And may God bless you and your husband and family.

    Gratefully yours in Christ,

    Father Michael of the Heart of Jesus, OCD
    Discalced Carmelite Priest
    Hubertus, WI

  8. John J., recently of the Washington DC metro regionMarch 31, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    My wife, Becky and I just saw OB this evening. Wow! Really outstanding film! I saw at the Cinemark Theater, Arundel Mills Mall, Hanover, MD. Recent Christian films I've seen: Fireproof, Flywheel, and Courageous. I know it isn't a competition, but October Baby outclasses them in every way: acting, cinematography, and location. You were amazing. The highest form of praise I can give an actor is that their performance was so believable that I could not tell they were acting. That was you. You were so natural. You were Hannah. Jason Burkey was outstanding, too. Sharon Rigby's testimony at the end of the film was so moving. I thank God for blessing you and everyone involved in the creation of this film with such inspiration, talent and heart. I know OB will be a blessing to so many people.
    On a side note, used to live in Daphne, AL and recognized many of the locations the scenes were shot in. It brought back memories. I have to admit a bit of undeserved pride in learning you came from Alabama and graduated from Montevallo. I was a military brat and my Dad retired in Alabama. I finished high school there. I adopted Alabama as my home state. It was also there that I was also blessed to meet a beautiful, strong, Southern girl named Becky. In time, we learned we were soulmates and got married. We've been married 28 years through my military career and into my second career as a civilian. I mentioned the soulmate thing because the friendship you and Jason portrayed between Hannah and Jason seemed so much like mine with Becky. We we became friends in high school, then best friends and, after I graduated, we fell in love. You and Jason had that chemistry. I pray you and your real husband have that soulmate connection. I can't see how you could portray it so well on the screen if you haven't experienced it, yourself. BTW, I saw some of your photographs online and they are really good! I'm a photographer, primarily self-taught. I learned some things from you. Thanks. I pray that God will bless you, guide you, make his face to shine upon you and your's.

  9. Hi Rachel, I was really blessed and inspired by October Baby! You did a wonderful, amazing job ( absolutely loved that it was so natural and real!) and the film will always be one of my all- time favorite movies!
    Thank you so much for your performance in the movie!

  10. Rachel,
    I saw October Baby last night! It was completely touching and moving in all the right directions.

    You hardly ever see a movie anymore that lets God shine through it, and the message about abortion and forgiveness were so empowering. It was such a relief to know there's a movie out there me and my friends can sit and watch without all the junk and baggage so many of them come with. Being in high school, it's important to not loose sight of what matters most. This really shed the light on what abortion truly is, and why forgiveness is so important.

    You did a phenomenal job acting. Me and my friends are forever looking up to you as the wonderfully talented beautiful role model you are inside and out. No one could have ever played Hannah as good as you. You're so humbled to be so gifted, and I pray you stay that way as God takes you to new the heights he has planned for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being who you are and letting God use you the way he has. I'm such a fan! Please never change.
    Prayers always, Kristin.

  11. Hi! I am a thirteen year old girl who lives in Dothan. Yes, your hometown. I go to Carver Magnet School. Yes, where you went to middle school. I was in class telling my friend how good October Baby was when my teacher told me that you had attended Carver. Mrs. Dean said that she had taught you and I was so excited.
    You did an awesome job in OB. My dream is that I will become an actress, performer, and songwriter. I am blessed to have five other siblings, yet still be able to pay to go to a presigious school such as JULLIARD! I know that because God led you down a path like the one you are on, that He can do the same for me. I would love to be in an inspirational movie, such as OB, like you.
    I was so inspired when I was informed that you grew up in the same surroundings as me. I know that you live in a forien village with your husband, but it would be a privledge to be abe to speak to you. If there were any way possible that you could come to Dothan, or at least Alabama in July or next school year, I would be thrilled at the oppurtunity.
    PLEASE respond to this, whether you would be able to or not.

  12. Hey Rachel!
    I got to watch October Baby last night, and again today. Wow, I love the film! It has a great message and the cast is great! I'm excited that we are going to show it at my church! I can't wait to see what God is going to do. Again, you were amazing and I pray that God will continue blessing you with that amazing talent. May God continue opening great doors for you. Btw, love your photography work! Blessings,
    Sarai A